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Frequently asked Question

Q. What happens when the weather is horrible-do you still walk then?

A. Walks will go on in most weather, but for any weather that is dangerous for the dog, such as really hot weather or any weather that is really unpleasant for the dog, we will re-schedule the walk. It is a good idea to leave your dogs coat out in inclement weather.

Q. How do I know that my pet will be safe in an emergency?
A. In the unlikely occasion of an emergency with your pet, I have first aid training and your emergency contacts on person at all times. I will contact you or your trusted friends or family immediately with the details recorded at our initial meeting.

Q. Are you insured?
A.Yes, I am fully insured from a pet specialist insurer.

Q.What do I do if I have to cancel?
A. Please contact me by email or phone within 24 hours notice, during business hours. Please note that if there is of a change to a walk day or change to access to the dog with
 no notification given and I turn up a full normal walk fee will be charged. 

Q. How will I know that my dog has been walked?
A. I will leave a card after each visit with any relevant information for you.

Q. What happens if my dog runs away while I am on holidays?
A. Your dog will wear a tag with my 24 hour contact details on it. You will be contacted to inform you of your dogs location if he/she does escape and to arrange your dogs return. However, my yard is very secure and this has never happened.

Q. How many dogs do you walk at one time?
A. We will discuss the needs of your dog at the first consultation. If your dog needs to walked by his/herself we will arrange that, however if your dog will benefit from socialising we will arrange mixed walks. The number of dogs walked will depend on their size and temperament, generally sticking to a maximum of five dogs.

Q. How do you transport my dog to parks if he is going on a group walk?
A. If we are not going on a local walk your dog will be picked up in my airconditioned car and securely harnessed in the back seat, your dogs walk will start from the time we arrive in the park.

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