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Dog Walking

My walking services will be perfect if your dog has a weight problem, needs extra excercise for behavioural reasons, you are unable to walk him/her for health reasons or like most of us your work keeps you too busy to make time for walks.

To use my services simply send an email request or ring and I will schedule a free appointment to meet you and your dog/s. When I meet your dog I will make sure I am a good fit for your dog and talk about your dogs needs and obtain any relevant information and obtain keys if necessary. I am happy to provide a police check upon request, I have certainly had them before for the public service.

I will text you a confirmation of the booking details after the first consultation. Please confirm that these details are correct before the first walk or date of minding services.

Please note that:

  • Dogs will not be walked off lead without your written permission
  • If your dog needs to travel by car she/he will be securely harnessed in the back seat in airconditioned comfort-drinking water and a pet first aid kit are always carried in the car
  • Note that if your dog is travelling by car the walk will start from the time we arrive at the park
  • If keys or gate codes are required for your property, client details are kept separately from keys in secure storage
  • Emergency contact numbers are kept in my phone and carried at all times along with the obligatory pooper bags
  • A visit card is left after every walk to inform you of any issues arising with your dog
  • Last but definitely not least I use basic positive reinforcement with your dog and have had intermediate training practice with my own dogs

Minding Services

Do you regularly travel away from home for work or just need a weekend away? Our minding services are suitable if you need a long or short break away from home and you do not want to put your pets under the stress of a kennel stay. We make sure your pets get the cuddles and love they would normally get at home.
We suggest a minimum daily check on your cats to feed, check water and clean their kitty litter. For dogs we recommend a twice daily visit to feed, check water/wash bowls, check for shade, poop a a scoop the yard and provide a walk and a some company. Your dog will wear an ICE collar tag with my 24 hour contact details on just in case. Smaller animals like guinea pigs and rabbits may sometimes also need two checks a day, particularly in the hot weather.

Included in the price is the extra peace of mind afforded by the offer to bring in your mail, put out and bring in your bins and start your car. I can also do an irrigation system check and some watering (for an extra fee if not just a water of one or two pots). I am a qualified horticulturalist with ten years experience of watering systems under my belt.

In-House Minding

Our in home dog minding services are available if your dog will fret being home alone or if your dog needs medical supervision while you are away on work or holiday trips. Your dog will be treated as part of the family during his or her stay and I am happy to send happy snaps to reassure you while you are away. Your furry family member will wear an ICE tag with my 24 hour emergency contact on it just in case. I only ask that you provide your own dog food and ensure that your dog is vaccinated, flea and worm treated. 

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